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Bikalpa Art Center (BAC) founded by a couple of artists (Mr. Saroj Mahato & Mahima Singh Mahato) who envisioned creating a common platform and a lively green/ artsy community space where likeminded people could share their knowledge and skills. The couple believes in a self-sustainable echo system that is why every element of Bikalpa is rooted in a self-sustainable mechanism. BAC has been providing platforms and supporting the artistic community along with the local young entrepreneurs in different ways.

To learn more about the foundation of Bikalpa, philosophy and other wings and activities please log in to the main website BAC


Bikalpa Store is an extension of BAC, an online as well as a physical store that again aims to create an extensive platform to promote Nepali art and products to a wider audience and market. The store in collaboration with Bikalpa’s curator organizes workshops, exhibitions and other activities that bring extra exposure to artisans and the products. 

The Store closely works with artists and designers at BAC Designer’s Studio and showcase their products at the store.

The store features three categories in it’s initial period i) different forms of Nepali contemporary art ii) custom design furniture/ decor products designed, and made by local artisans and iii) some ethical green sustainable local products. 

If you like the works that we are doing, please buy a piece of artwork or any kind of products listed on our website. We also do international shipping as needed. If you live in Nepal we would be happy to welcome you to the store with an offer of organic coffee.

* For the artists, artisans and local entrepreneurs who want to associate and list their products at our store, our door is open, feel free to contact us to learn about the detailed procedures or simply drop us a message we will get back to you!





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