Thrift store is a permanent store at Bikalpa Art Center where we could buy/ sell/ swap/ repair thrifted goods also known as Flea Market/ 2nd hand Shop/ Garage Sale. A shop selling second-hand clothes and household goods. Thrift Market in today’s world carries a broader concept, significant meaning and values. It is not just a place where we buy sell quality goods at affordable price, but also at the same we are bringing down the craziness of over production, over consumption, over spending and over stuffing that is polluting our planet and our sanity. Thrift shopping is ethical, sustainable as it is eco friendly, it creates a recycling community by reducing waste and pollution. We are living in the world where sustainability, eco friendliness, recycling- up cycling are the key words.

Bikalpa Thrift Store is a place where we can get to buy and sell different items mainly clothes, shoes, accessories, toys, decorative items, electronics, furniture.  It is a stopover for things you love and are able to buy at low prices. It is a store to rely on quality, comfort and affordability.

You can find variety of clothes and shoes for men, women and children.  Also different variety of toys, decorative goods, furniture items, different accessories like jewellery, bags, watches, glasses.

You will also see a DIY section here where we display arts and crafts of creativity and conscience. Those are products made out of reusing, recycling the leftovers, unused and wasted materials.

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