It was an absolutely great meeting and discussing the ideas of how we could resume the green market in the current situation by taking precautions and safety majors of COVID-19. We believe in a collective effort in building a community and raising awareness, therefore, this meeting was called not just to discuss the ideas of how we could organize the event in the current situation but to offer our collaborators to take this event as an opportunity/ take ownership to create awareness and be a part of the green society. 

We kept up with follow-ups with all of our collaborators and keep the energy up even during the lockdown period. We continued our discussion and exploring new ideas on reorganizing the market in a new scenario of the pandemic. 

It was a nice physical catch up after such a long time, thanks all for your valuable participation. We are really happy to have you all on the board, thanks all for joining the team, becoming collaborators and supporters! As we discussed the Bikalpa Green Market is a collective effort of young like-minded people (all of us), we are really looking forward to seeing how we all work together, build up the community, create the market a platform for likeminded people, share knowledge, products and ideas. We strongly believe, with all of your supports the market rolls up great in the coming weeks! Thanks for your support and love! See you all soon!

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