We are happy to have and promote Bread and Pastry Paradise stall in Bikalpa Green Market! 

Bread and Pastry Paradise is an artisanal ethical bakery based in Kathmandu (formerly Fred’s Bakery). They offer French baguettes, different types of bread, butter croissants, chocolate breads, almond croissants, breads with reasons, cakes, frangipanes, apple tart, lemon tart, jams, cookies and many other things.

All their products are quality products, homemade and made by a team of enthusiasts who have been trained by a French baker.

For their breads, they use their own natural leaven, which ferment at least 12 hours so that their breads are as tasty as possible.

Their products are fresh, without addition of coloring, without improvers, without preservatives and without too much sugar. Their products are made with products that they find primarily in Nepal. They are very respectful of the environment and do use as few plastics as possible. Most of their deliveries are made by electric scooter. Their unsold products are distributed to people in need or to children in care at the hospital. They are not thrown away.

You can also order their products via their website and they will deliver it free of cost 7 days a week.

Follow them on their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/breadandpastryparadise/

Website: https://breadandpastryparadise.com/


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